Is Big Sean Dissing His Ex On This Week’s ‘Must Listen’ List?


This week’s ‘Must Listen’ list is all about collaborations. Big Sean hops on a Calvin Harris EDM beat to tell us all about a relationship breakdown while Nicki Minaj teams up with her Young Money co-stars and Chris Brown to remind people that she is an actual legit rapper and we’re invited into a peep show with Kid Ink, Usher and Tinashe. It’s all going on this week!

1. Calvin Harris feat Big Sean – ‘Open Wide’ 

In what is being called a diss track about ex-fiancee Naya Rivera, Big Sean jumps on a Calvin Harris track to let us in on a relationship that clearly isn’t going well. Why do we think this is about the rapper’s ex? Well, the lines “If I let go I won’t fall off, if we set a wedding date don’t call off” and “This goes out to, uh, well you know who this goes out to,” kind of give the game away. It’s another solid release from Calvin’s upcoming ‘Motion’ album which is jam packed with great collaborations just like this.


2. Nicki Minaj feat Drake, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown – ‘Only’

Right from the opening Nicki slams all the rumours about her ever being with Drake or Lil Wayne telling us “I never fcked Wayne, I never fcked Drake/ All my life man fck sake.” Drake backs up her claims but also tells us “I never fcked Nicki cos she got a man but when that’s over then I’m first in line.” Played out over a simple but sinister drop beat the Young Money stars lay out some of their best verses so far with Chris joining in telling us all about his “bad bitches” on the chorus. If anything, it reminds us that Nicki Minaj is an actual real rapper!

3. Kid Ink feat Usher & Tinashe – ‘Body Language’

If there’s one thing that Kid Ink knows how to do, it’s create a catchy hip-hop track. ‘Body Language’ is taken from the L.A native’s upcoming third studio LP and with the likes of Usher lending a hand you just know this guy is good. The Cashmere Cat produced beat lays the foundation for Kid Ink’s simple, sing song rap. As for the video, Tinashe looks pretty cute while Ink and Usher enjoy themselves watching some female dancers show off their ‘Body Language.’


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