Ariana Grande Strips It All Back On Her Latest Video For The Weeknd Asssisted ‘Love Me Harder’


‘Love Me Harder’ is a far cry from the loud, poppy sounds of ‘Problem’ and ‘Break Free’ but it’s exactly what Ariana Grande needs to do. The track is a lot more stripped back than what we’re used to hearing from the Nickelodeon star. It’s a lot more grown up and with someone like The Weeknd featuring on it, that’s no surprise.

The video, just like the song, is simple but effective. The pair sing around an old mansion before coming together at the end for a bit of harmonizing. Ariana has been in the spotlight lately following controversy over her alleged diva ways and her new relationship with rapper Big Sean so some new music from the pintsize pop star was badly needed.

Grande is a true star and with a feature from The Weeknd on ‘Love Me Harder’ she’s sure to gain a few more fans or at least attract some attention from people who wouldn’t normally listen to her music. It’s a great track and a clever move by the singer into some more grown up R&B territory.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think!


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