Are We In For Another Surprise Beyoncé Album?


December 13th, 2013 will go down in history as the day that Beyoncé won at music. With no warning – not even a countdown – Queen Bey sat back in her throne and watched as the world (i.e the internet) freaked out over the release of her inspired visual album.


We’re hoping this new track listing is legit!

You may be able to tell that I’m a Beyoncé fan but all that aside, the fact that she can just drop an album like that with no promotion and have it sell over 800,000 copies worldwide in just three days is pretty incredible. There aren’t that many artists out there these days that could do that and get such a reception. Taylor Swift may be the only solo artist of 2014 to hit the million mark in terms of album sales but that’s following relentless promotion around the world, pre-order previews and some extra treats for fans to entice them to buy. Beyoncé on the other hand didn’t have to do so much work for her venture to pay off.

If her self-titled album complete with full videos for each track wasn’t enough, it looks like we might be treated to a re-release this month. According to a leaked image, a special 4-disc compilation could be on its way to us in the coming weeks. The updated album features additional collaborations from Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj as well as a few more completely new tracks. Following her ‘***Flawless’ remix with Nicki, there were talks of Bey and Rih teaming up for a reworking of ‘Blow’ and judging from the picture that may well have happened with the pair coming together on a track called ‘Cherry.’

Whether the image is the result of a member of the Bey Hive getting too creative with Photoshop or is actually legit, the buzz surrounding some possible new music from Mrs.Carter is so huge that it just serves to remind us of why she is one of the world’s biggest stars right now. Hopefully this leaked image is real and we’ll be rocking out to some new Beyoncé tunes again this winter.

Let us know which track you’re most interested in listening to in our comment section below. Personally, I need to hear that JT collaboration!

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Beyoncé has confirmed that the singer will release a platinum edition of her self-titled visual album on November 24th. The leaked picture was on to something and while fans will be treated to some new songs, the exciting Justin and Rihanna collaborations don’t feature. The re-release will also include a DVD of live footage from ‘The Mrs. Carter World Tour’ and an extra feature called ‘The Official 2015 Beyoncé Mini Calendar.’ Check out the tracklist for the platinum edition of ‘Beyoncé’ below.

Original CD
1. ‘Pretty Hurts’
2. ‘Haunted’
3. ‘Drunk in Love’ (ft. JAY Z)
4. ‘Blow’
5. ‘Angel’
6. ‘Partition’
7. ‘Jealous’
8. ‘Rocket’
9. ‘Mine’ (ft. Drake)
10. ‘XO’
11. ‘***Flawless’ (ft. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)
12. ‘Superpower’ (ft. Frank Ocean)
13. ‘Heaven’
14. ‘Blue’ (ft. Blue Ivy)

Original DVD
‘Pretty Hurts’
‘Drunk In Love’
‘Grown Woman’

Bonus CD
1. ‘7/11’
2. ‘Flawless Remix’ (ft. Nicki Minaj)
3. ‘Drunk in Love Remix’ (ft. JAY Z & Kanye West)
4. ‘Ring Off’
5. ‘Blow Remix’ (ft. Pharrell Williams)
6. ‘Standing on the Sun Remix’ (ft. Mr. Vegas)

Live DVD
‘Run The World (Girls)’
‘Get Me Bodied’
‘Drunk In Love’ (ft. JAY Z)
‘1 + 1’


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