Mark Ronson And Bruno Mars Bring Us Uptown For Some Funk In Their Brand New Video

mark-ronson-bruno-marsIf you’re looking for a tune that brings the classic mo-town sound from the seventies right into the noughties then this is the one for you. It’s a cross between James Brown and Eddie Murphy’s character of Jimmy Early in Dreamgirls. After listening to the first few bars  I knew it was going to be a song I’d have on constant repeat. While the lyrics aren’t award-winning, you can’t deny that it’s an incredibly catchy song.

Bruno Mars’ versatility and Mark Ronson’s slick producing are brought together by an infectious bass line that’s sung throughout the track to really bring us back to a time when horns and keytars were the instruments of choice. Though not on official release until January this is one song that’s sure to get you through the festive party season. You’ll sing along while you’re getting ready, drinking with your friends and you can be sure it’s going to get everyone out on to the dance floor!

Check out the video below and let us know what you think of Bruno and Mark’s funky new sound.

Orla Prout



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