Throwback Thursday….Lady Gaga’s ‘The Fame Monster’ Turns 5 Years Old


For this week’s Throwback Thursday we’ve decided to take a look at Lady Gaga’s iconic ‘The Fame Monster’ album which turns 5 years old this week.

Back in 2009, Lady Gaga was at the very height of her career. Her debut album ‘The Fame’ went to number one in 9 countries across the world including the UK and earned Mother Monster a Grammy Award for Best Dance/Electronic album. The LP fused pop, dance and electronic genres together to simultaneously bring us back in time and to the future! With ‘The Fame’ receiving huge critical acclaim and earning Gaga a massive following of Little Monsters it was time for her to release an extended version. Enter ‘The Fame Monster.’

VMA's 2009

VMA’s 2009

We were getting used to Gaga’s crazy antics as she showed up to awards ceremony’s and interviews dressed in bubbles or  head-to-toe red lace – we were yet to be graced with that meat dress – but many people were wondering who this woman was and why she was so popular all of a sudden. Maybe she was just in the right place at the right time but Lady Gaga really ruled the pop world in 2009 so a re-release of ‘The Fame’ was a very clever move. ‘The Fame Monster’ included all the hits from her debut release, ‘Just Dance,’ ‘Paparrazi,’ ‘LoveGame’ and ‘Poker Face’ with some added new extras.

Possibly the most well-known track from ‘The Fame Monster’ and one of Gaga’s most memorable singles is ‘Bad Romance.’ The song saw Gaga’s fashion style evolving with those lethal high heels and began the transformation of pop star to wannabe artist which perhaps resulted in her ultimate downfall. Whatever her career status may be now, 5 years ago she couldn’t get any bigger – see Beyoncé. The Queen of R&B gave a musical hand to then Queen of Pop on ‘Telephone.’ A crazy Thelma & Louise style video followed complete with Diet Coke can hair curlers and glasses made of cigarettes as the pair knocked off Bey’s no-good man and drove into the sunset together to be continued. (We’re still waiting for part 2!)

‘The Fame Monster’ isn’t just about those huge hits though, it’s also all about Gaga’s eclectic and ever evolving music style. She went a bit country, took us down a soulful road and scared us a little bit with some vicious lyrics. Every extra track on ‘The Fame Monster’ added something new and innovative to Gaga’s already impressive back catalogue. Each of the 8 new tracks were said to represent the different monsters Gaga encountered while she was on tour including ‘Fear of Loneliness Monster’ and ‘Fear of Alcohol Monster.’ Tracks like ‘Teeth,’ ‘Speechless’ and ‘So Happy I Could Die’ propelled the singer to new heights proving that she was so much more than a disco-stick weilding, paparazzi loving pop star.

In fact, five years on ‘The Fame Monster’ still sounds just as fresh and exciting as it did back in 2009. Nothing has ever sounded like it before or since and I don’t think anyone would even dare try. Lady Gaga created a moment in pop history with ‘The Fame’ and ‘The Fame Monster’ that is going to be referenced and remembered for years to come.

So put your paws up and throwback to ‘Bad Romance’ below.



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