Beyoncé Gives Us A Glimpse Into Her World On ‘Beyoncé: Platinum Edition’


December 2013: Beyoncé surprised the whole world by dropping her self-titled visual album with absolutely no hype or marketing strategies.

November 2014: Beyoncé re-releases said album in a Platinum edition complete with 2 brand new tracks and 4 remixes.

So is there any point in checking out this platinum edition? Haven’t we heard it all already? And what’s the deal with her new video?


Bey lets loose with a hairdryer!

There definitely is a point to checking out this new collection. It’s more for fans than anything else and you can tell that by the new tracks and remixes that have been included. We may have heard it all last year but those 2 new songs ‘7/11’ and ‘Ring Off’ are well worth the listen. Plus Kanye West’s verse on the ‘Drunk In Love’ remix is pretty incredible. As for her new video, well that’s just an extra treat!

Bey dropped the homemade visuals for ‘7/11’ amidst some confusion from critics and fair-weather fans. What she’s done is carefully constructed a candid home video of herself dancing in her underwear and letting loose with some friends. She’s spent so long making statements and putting important messages into her music that it’s actually quite refreshing as a fan to hear her let loose. Sure, a lot of people are saying the sound doesn’t suit her but who cares? This is a woman who’s worked so hard at being so perfect at every waking hour that it’s nice to see her being silly and just a bit more ordinary. The track makes no sense and wouldn’t be lost on a Miley Cyrus or Rihanna album. Maybe that’s who she’s hinting at when she sings “Mad cos I’m so fresh, fresher than you”? It really doesn’t matter at this stage in her career and I think Beyoncé is well aware of that.


Bey pays tribute to her Mama

‘Ring Off’ is the second new track to feature on this extended album and it is by far Bey’s most personal yet. Beginning with the word “Mama” it’s clear that she’s singing it to Tina Knowles. As the song moves on we hear the singer addressing her parents divorce and putting her mother right back on top. It’s a really beautiful song about putting yourself first and empowering yourself after a break up that I’m sure Tina must have been so proud to hear. When the track title was released speculation mounted about the thought that it could be about Bey’s own marriage to Jay Z following divorce rumours and that elevator incident but it’s nothing like that. It’s a tribute to her mother and a great new entry to Bey’s back catalogue.

As for the remixes, we’ve all heard the ‘Flawless’ remix with Nicki Minaj that is so fierce it’s impossible but we’re also being treated to some cameos from Kanye and Pharrell as well as the sunshiney Mr.Vegas remix of ‘Standing In The Sun.’ Pharrell jumps on ‘Blow’ singing the second verse and leaving the track a bit wanting but Kanye saves the day with his opening verse on ‘Drunk In Love.’ Some of Ye’s best verses come in the form of remixes or collaborations and this one is no different. It just makes me want to see another video for the track, this time with added Kimye!

There’s never any harm in some new Beyoncé music so this Platinum edition of her self-titled visual album is more than welcome. It finally feels like we’re getting a real glimpse at what this woman is all about. She’s fresh! Fresher than you!


So fresh and so clean!

Check out the video for ‘7/11’ and let us know what you think in the comments below!


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