Bad Lyrics, Catchy Tunes…We Count Down Pop’s 5 Worst Lyrical Moments


What do Becky G, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, Nelly and Ylvis all have in common? Some pretty dodgy lyrics! These days as long as there’s a catchy beat you can practically sing anything you want. With that in mind, we here at Premier One PR have decided to compile a list of the catchiest songs with the worst lyrics. You know the ones, they’re the songs you make fun of in front of your friends but find yourself singing when no one’s around!

Becky G – Shower

Lyric: “I’m dancing in the mirror, singing in the shower/ La la di, la la da, la la da”

No prizes will be given for the penmanship here, not with lines like “Baby you make me hot like an oven.” Whether you like it or not, it will be a song that is played over Christmas so whether you’ve had that shot, or need one to listen to the lyrics it’s a tune you’ll find yourself bopping along to.


Ylvis – What Does The Fox Say?

Lyric: “Dog goes woof, cat goes meow/ Bird goes tweet and mouse goes squeek./ What does the fox say?/ Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding”

Though not as popular as some of the other songs listed here, it’s still a catchy number with nonsensical lyrics. The most unsettling fact about this track is that it took more than five people to write it. Yes, you read that right! Who knows, maybe they’re all in playschool and really need to know these things. 


Nicki Minaj – Starships

Lyric: “Jump in my hoopdey-hoopdey-hoop, I own that/ And I ain’t pay my rent this month, I owe that.”

In possibly one of her worst singles to date (even worse than ‘Anaconda’) Nicki Minaj created ‘Starships.’ The one that gets everyone out on the dancefloor and took over the summer of 2012 where you couldn’t suggest going to the beach without someone launching into “Lets go to the beach each…”


Nelly – Hey Porsche

Lyric: “Hey lil Porsche so right I had to try ya/ B-b-back it up, lets roll, roll, roll.”

Another song where the lyrics speak volumes. Nelly tried to relaunch his career last year but instead of being the rapper he is, he did a Flo Rida on it and went down the cringey pop/rap road. To this day we’re still not sure if he’s actually singing about a car or a woman? Those euphemisms are all over the place!


Pitbull feat Kesha – Timber

Lyric: “That’s the way we like to – what? Timber/ I’m slicker than an oil spill/ She say she won’t but I bet she will.”

Describing himself as an oil spill is pretty accurate for Pitbull, they’re annoying and most definitely a health and safety risk! But ‘Timber’ is a guaranteed floorfiller and even though I know people who really don’t like this, I for one head straight to the dance floor when I hear those first few beats.


So there you go, you don’t need the greatest lyrics of all time, you don’t need to make sense and you don’t even always need real words. A good pop song ultimately only needs one thing: a really catchy beat!

Orla Prout


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