Nicki Minaj Exceeds All Expectations On ‘The Pink Print’ Album.


There’s been a lot of hype surrounding Nicki Minaj’s latest album ‘The Pink Print.’ Minaj created most of that herself telling us it was going to be the album that other female rappers would look to for guidance and inspiration. But when Nicki dropped ‘Anaconda’ as a single from the LP we began to get a little nervous thinking it was going to be another ‘Pink Friday’ full of ‘Starships.’ Luckily, Nicki silenced all the doubters and haters to slay absolutely everything she’s ever done and create an album that’s going to stand the test of time. To call it one of the most iconic rap albums might be a bit premature but time will tell.

Fans were treated to a few singles before ‘The Pink Print’ dropped. ‘Pills N Potions’ got everyone talking as Nicki pared it all back and gave an emotional performance but that all changed once the second single ‘Anaconda’ was unleashed. A classic novelty single it got everyone else talking and certainly gained more attention for the rapper. Then the controversial, gossip silencing ‘Only’ was released with some help from Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown. What those three singles did was showcase the different sides to Nicki. She’s R&B, pop and hip hop all in one fearless product.

If 2013 is remembered for Beyoncé’s surprise album then 2014 should be remembered for ‘The Pink Print.’ Usually releases with such hype and expectations surrounding them don’t deliver (Katy Perry’s ‘Prism’ anyone?) But Nicki has more than delivered the goods here. Beginning with the most personal track she has ever created ‘All Things Go,’ Minaj shares past experiences of a baby, a proposal and the death of her cousin. The confessional song sets the tone for the rest of the LP and is followed by the vocally impressive ‘I Lied.’

The Queen of Rap slaying with Queen Bey

The Queen of Rap slaying with Queen Bey

There are so many tracks to talk about on ‘The Pink Print’ which is possibly the only flaw I can find with it – there’s just a few too many tracks. It could have done without the Ariana Grande assisted ‘Get On Your Knees’ and the forgetful ‘Favourite’ featuring Jeremih but it must have been hard to cut down on songs when the artist is as versatile and skilled as Ms. Nicki. Keeping to the featured tracks we’re once again treated to the genius pairing of Nicki and Bey as they team up for the fierce ‘Feeling Myself’ that’s going to be the new anthem for every ‘Flawless’ girl out there. Skylar Grey makes an appearance on the pop ballad ‘Bed of Lies’ while Meek Mill drops by a couple times on ‘Big Daddy’ and ‘Buy A Heart’ and Premiere One favourite Jessie Ware appears on ‘Crying Game.’

There’s the token dance floor anthem to keep fairweather fans happy with ‘The Night Is Still Young,’ the less flashy cousin of ‘Starships.’ Thankfully Minaj is established and finally able to release music that is totally true to herself and her talent. Track after track she proves she’s more than capable of standing next to the big boys. Like she says “Who had Kanye saying she a problem?” If you need proof of that just skip ahead to ‘Shangai.’

‘The Pink Print’ more than lives up to everything Nicki Minaj had been claiming it would be. It exceeds expectations and finally sees Minaj returning to her hip hop roots spitting lyrics like nobodies business. Any female rappers out there should be sitting at home studying this album and bowing down to the self professed Queen of Rap. Let us know what you think of ‘The Pink Print’ and check out the album’s latest single ‘Only’ below.


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