Adele, Rihanna and Fergie: Our Top 5 Comeback Kids Of 2015


2014 provided us with some great music from Sam Smith’s delightful debut to Nicki Minaj’s iconic ‘Pink Print’ and as the new year starts we can’t help but wonder who will wow us in the coming months. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 artists we want to see back on top in 2015!

1. Rihanna

downloadThere was a time when Rihanna would gift us with a new album every year. It started to become a tradition but since the release of Unapologetic in 2012 RiRi has gone quiet on us. Of course the hardest working woman in pop needed some time off but there have been rumours and Instagram clips of the singer in the studio cooking up something special for her fans. Here’s hoping it’s all worth the wait and 2015 sees Rihanna’s return.

Adele_-_212. Adele

Following a hugely successful year in 2012 where she won countless Grammy’s and a huge fan following Adele took a step away from the limelight to become a mother and enjoy some time off. The 26 year old may only have two albums in her discography but she’s by far one of the most successful British singers of all time thanks to a little song called ‘Someone Like You.’ After her emotional Brit Awards performance of the track the world just couldn’t get enough of her. Now we’re all waiting for the follow-up which is rumoured to be happening this year. Expectations are high so no pressure girl!

download (1)3. Fergie

Our favourite Black Eyed Pea has relaunched her solo career with the release of her not so great comeback track ‘L.A Love (La La La).’ Sadly, the track didn’t capture many people’s attention but it was a valiant effort. Ferg showed off her vocal prowess back in 2006 when she went out alone on ‘The Dutchess’ giving us some pop classics with ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ and ‘London Bridge.’ We’re placing a lot of hope on this new album and looking forward to hearing what Ms.Fergie has in store for us this year.

Justin_Bieber_Journals4. Justin Bieber

It’s easy to forget that Justin Bieber is an actual singer what with the tumultuous couple of years he’s had – arrests, dangerous driving, breakups and drugs being linked to the Canadian star. But whatever may be happening in his personal life it’s his professional one we’re more interested in. For some reason his last effort ‘Journals’ didn’t quite reach the success it should have but the Biebs has hinted at new music for the new year so here’s hoping he pulls it together to show the world that there is some actual talent in there.

maxresdefault5. Kanye West

We never usually get time to miss Kanye West. Unlike the others in this list, West hasn’t been away from the music scene at all. It seems like he’s come straight from ‘Yeezus’ to his next project which is great news for every Kanye fan out there. There’s been talk from West’s camp of new music for a while now. West has worked with a lot of big names behind the scenes and is capable of pulling off any sound so this is another artist we’re building up expectations for!

Who are you looking forward to hearing more from in 2015? Let us know in the comment section below.


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