Is Ciara’s Stunning New Single ‘I Bet’ Enough To Put Her Back On Top?


Rewind to 2004 and Ciara was the hot new R&B singer everyone was talking about. ‘Goodies’ achieved worldwide recognition for the then 19-year old and a string of well received hits, award nominations and high profile collaborations with the likes of Missy Elliot and Ludacris followed. Now, the tide has turned and Ciara’s last couple of albums have seen a decline in the singer’s commercial success. Her third album, 2009’s ‘Fantasy Ride’ sold around a quarter of a million copies in the U.S compared to the 2.7 million of her debut album while her self-titled fifth album saw sales drop even further.


Ciara achieved worldwide success with her debut single

Now, after some time away to give birth to her first child, Ciara is back and ready to reclaim her position at the top. ‘I Bet’ is the latest release from the 29-year old and is possibly her most personal yet. You can’t talk about ‘I Bet’ without mentioning the breakdown in Ciara’s relationship to rapper Future who is clearly being addressed in the track. With lyrics like “I bet you start loving me, soon as I start loving someone else, somebody better than you” and “You actin’ like you upgrading me, I upgraded you. You and me Fashion Week at Paris, I put you on to that new” it’s obvious that CiCi’s moving on and ready to let the world know it.

The video for ‘I Bet’ has just been released and it shows Future exactly what he’s missing. Ciara looks flawless as she switches through various outfits showing off her enviable figure and some sexy dance moves. As beautifully shot as the video is, and as emotional and stunning as the track is, we can’t help but wonder is it enough? Can Ciara break the mainstream again and achieve the worldwide success of her earlier career? We’re not sure about that but she does have a space in the ever popular alt-R&B genre that seems to have appeared for artists like Jhene Aiko, Solange and Tinashe who have a sound that doesn’t quite fit into the conventional codes of R&B.

Ciara is definitely one of those singers whose talent is hugely underrated and hopefully the release of her sixth studio album ‘Jackie,’ on which ‘I Bet’ appears, will bring her back into the spotlight and remind the world just how great she is!

Check out the video for ‘I Bet’ below and let us know your thoughts on Ciara’s return in the comment section below.



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