We Take A Look Back At Some Of J-Lo’s Biggest Hits For This Week’s Throwback Thursday


Jennifer Lopez has entertained us with her music and acting skills for almost two decades with countless hit singles and box office successes. Now, following in the footsteps of other female stars Celine Dion, Britney Spears and Mariah Carey, J-Lo is moving to the bright lights of Vegas to begin her very own residency at Planet Hollywood starting January 2016 for 20 shows. Lopez has expressed her excitement telling People magazine “I feel like I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life.”

To celebrate the good news from our favourite girl from Bronx we’re using this week’s Throwback Thursday to take a look at some of J-Lo’s biggest and best hits that she’s sure to whip out in Vegas.

1. Love Don’t Cost A Thing

Released in 2001, this track heard J-Lo singing about how low maintenance she really is. No point splashing the cash in front of Lopez, she is not that type of girl. Of course when you think of ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing’ you think of the video. You know, where she starts off in a flash car with the best clothes and jewellery and ends up half naked in the ocean after throwing it all way. The message is there but really it’s all about how hot she looks. If you need to jog your memory here’s the video!


2. Play

Taken from her second studio album, ‘Play,’ while not one of her most successful, is one of Jen’s most fun tracks. Well before she bumped into Pitbull, Lopez was experimenting with her style and venturing into the more dance side of pop music which is where this song comes in. It may not be one of her most celebrated releases but ‘Play’ is well loved by J-Lovers all over and one that has to be included on your party playlist. If you’d forgotten about it, you’re welcome!


3. Jenny From The Block

Here is one of J-Lo’s best known tracks and for all the right reasons! Everything about ‘Jenny From The Block’ from the lyrics to the video provide every single thing any pop fan could want. A catchy chorus, personal verses and a paprazzi style video capturing private moments with then boyfriend Ben Afleck is all that was needed to ensure Jennifer Lopez cemented herself in the music world. Even after all these years we’re sure not to get fooled by rocks that she’s got!


4. Waiting For Tonight  

Another one that often gets overlooked ‘Waiting For Tonight’ was taken from Jen’s debut album ‘On The 6’ to bring us right into the new millenium. The video is full of lasers and loads of dancing  as Lopez takes us right into the year 2000. Personally, it’s one of my favourite J-Lo tracks all down to those lyrics that I now love because of how packed with anticipation they are, but back in ’99, were just fun to sing along to as an 8 year old!


5. On The Floor

As much as I don’t like Jennifer’s Pitbull phase I can’t discount ‘On The Floor.’ Basically all about putting things “on the floor,” this is a pure, mindless club banger that brought J-Lo right up to date and kept her on our radios. Again, she’s looking pretty well in the video.


There are so many more Jennifer Lopez tracks we could have included on this list. She’s worked with the likes of Ja Rule, Fat Joe, LL Cool J, Iggy Azalea and even Nas. Since releasing ‘On The 6’ in 1999 to her latest album ‘A.K.A’ in 2014 we’ve followed J-Lo as she moved from the block right into the spotlight. With a career that’s seen her rack up number one hits, win awards for her acting, start the craze of celebrity perfumes and see out the powerhouse of American Idol, becoming Vegas’ latest resident is another achievement to add to a very long list.



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