I sit and chat with Pembroke Tenneson ahead of the release of his debut album


What do you get if you blend a high falsetto with a little bit of growl and a philosophical soul with a classic rock? Add some acoustic guitar riffs and you get Pembroke Tenneson – 26 year-old, San Francisco born, philosophy student and a huge Star Wars fan.

Intrigued already? I hope so. You should be.

Earlier this month I got a chance to catch Pem playing a show in the Notting Hill Arts Club in London and chat about the inspirations, the endlessness of The Beatles, future plans and oh well, music. Obviously. What else? Everything is music.


Kasia Osowiecka: Hi! It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. Thanks for seeing me. That was really great show. I must admit you’re very distinctive and charismatic on stage.

Pembroke Tenneson: Hi! Thank you. It’s really nice to meet you too.

Let’s start with the thing that caught my attention in the first place. BBC…

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